• Malachite frog (Front)
  • Malachie Frog (Back)

Malachite frog necklace


This almost three inch tall designer-shaped malachite is stunning all by itself but something so lovely should be well guarded. A hammered copper tree frog grips the edges of this large emerald-colored stone with his little sucker toes so that it stays put... right near and dear to your heart. He is perched strategically over a textured sterling silver leaf that is embellished with more leaves from which it hangs. A 20" long and short sterling silver chain shows it off perfectly.

A little about that stone:

Malachite is known to be a stone of transformation. It is the color of personal growth and abundance of the spirit. It helps with protection from negativity, sensing danger and resisting temptation. It absorbs all negative energies in the aura and the environment and balances emotions and assists in in times of change. The frog embodies the spirit animal of transformation as well.


Reviewed by on Aug 11, 2020