Hey, You! I see you there in all of your glorious individuality.  You could have been perfectly happy wearing that cookie-cutter version of the latest trend and totally rocking it but that really isn’t who you are…. Is it?

You, my beautiful friend, are the star attraction because you choose to rise above what is expected and embrace the extraordinary! That includes everything from your book and wine selections to your circle of close friends. I get it! I am the same way.

The choices we make are often not the most popular but they work for us. We thrive on unpredictability and stepping out of our comfort zones from time to time. It’s during those times that we discover a new layer of our own personalities and character and, at just the right moment, a new bond is often created. Those lovely souls who meander their way across our lives and leave indelible, glorious marks during those times are known as our people... Our tribe.

That incredible chemistry we have with our people cannot be defined but it starts with some common ground. It is quite beautiful, usually comes with an unforgettable story and it is what I enjoy portraying through my mixed metal creations.

When I first began making metal jewelry in my early 40s, I was the mother of two boys and a wife to my amazing husband. It began as a way to channel some frustration I had in my corporate job as an administrative assistant and was suggested by my employer. His wife had taken a textured metals class from a local university and he had seen a positive change in her. Maybe it would work for me! Fast forward several years from the first time I struck a piece of copper sheet with a hammer and here I am!

I haven't always made exactly what I wanted at my jeweler’s bench because I was making pieces that would "fit in". But I have discovered that I love to make jewelry pieces with a story and create a special connection to my clients.

My designs have come to symbolize a part of a personal journey of the person who wears it. They are artistic reminders of how one moment in time can shape a life into something remarkable, irreplaceable, and undefinable… all the characteristics that make us the unique, powerful forces of nature that we are.

What connection could I capture in a one-of-a-kind, mixed metal creation for you? Or have I already done it and it is just waiting to be claimed?! Search my current designs at www.benchworkoriginals.com to see if your connection has already been created! But if you don't see it, let's talk a bit to find out what connects you with your tribe. Email me at christybarrett@email.com and let's make something that resonates with you and your story!