Hypersthene And Bumblebee Jasper pendant


This black and yellow hypersthene and bumblebee jasper combination was designed to silence the chaotic mind while sparking the confidence to grab life by the horns and achieve your dreams.

Hypersthene is also known as "velvet labradorite" and is believed to induce a grounding effect on a person's psyche.

Bumblebee jasper is known for its bold yellow and black streaks formed in the wall of volcanos as sulfur rises to the surface as a gas and solidifies in the walls between layers of other organic matter. It possesses an energy that is known to stimulate creative talents, improve self esteem and enhances mental clarity and concentration.

This pendant is for the fierce woman who embodies the rebel we all want to be... The level headed renegade who chases her dreams and makes them come true no matter the obstacles or limitations. She is smart, bold, creative and knows exactly what she wants. She doesn't fit the mold. She breaks it and creates awe-inspiring masterpieces in her wake. 

The sterling silver textured pendant is 2.5" long and hangs from a 20" sterling silver long and short chain. The backside is embossed in a random swirl pattern.  


Reviewed by on Aug 11, 2020